Rutherford County Family Support Program News

Time is Running Out!
May 20, 2021 is the last day you can submit receipts for reimbursement under your 2020-2021 Fiscal Year allocation. After May 20, allocations are rescinded and funds in unused allocations will be redistributed to other qualified service recipients who have submitted acceptable receipts for documented needs.

New Family Support Program Email Address
The Family Support Program at UCP has a new email address:
Make sure you include this email address in your safe senders list. You may start using this email address immediately.
Jo Ver Mulm is no longer with UCP. Family Support services are being managed by UCP Executive Director Deana Claiborne until a new Family Support Coordinator is hired. Jo’s email address ( will remain open until end of day May 20, 2021.

Reimbursement for Receipts Beyond Your Allocation
Once you have expended your full allocation, you can send additional receipts for Fiscal Year 2020-21 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021). These will be used for End of Year redistributions as determined based on the May 20 deadline. Send these receipts as quickly as possible because we expect available funds to go quickly. Remaining funds will be redistributed in May and early June.

Council on Developmental Disabilities Grant
The Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities has funded a one-time grant/Family Support contract increase in the amount of $18,000. These funds can be used for year-end receipts beyond allocations and to pay for certain costs associated with the COVID Pandemic. These funds must be used right away. We have already begun to issue funds to families from this grant.

How to Submit Receipts for Family Support COVID Funds
Send a Cover Message that describes how you and/or the Family Support service recipient in your family was impacted by the COVID Pandemic. Make sure you describe how the pandemic impacted the Family Support service recipient. For instance you (recipient or caregiver) may have had COVID, lost a job, had your work hours reduced, had additional cleaning costs, child care or personal assistance expenses due to school not being in session, etc. Attach receipts for costs you incurred in Fiscal Year 2020-21 (starting July 1, 2020) as a result of the pandemic. Household costs such as utilities and cleaning supplies will be considered, especially if you had a reduced income or additional/unexpected costs incurred after July 1, 2020. Send your receipts as quickly as possible because we expect available funds to go quickly.

Acceptable Receipts for Reimbursement
Make sure the receipts you send show the date of purchase or expense, amount of purchase or expense, name of the vendor, the amount you paid, date of payment and how payment was made (check, cash, etc.) If you wait until May 20 to send your receipts, and the receipts you send are incomplete, they may be disallowed and you will lose any remaining allocation.

Please Do Not Send Images from Cell Phones
We highly discourage sending receipts from cell phone or tablet cameras. These images are often too dark, they don’t show a clear image, and it is difficult to print out a legible copy to use as documentation for audit purposes. Images that are too difficult to print or read will be discarded. If you don’t have access to a scanner or printer, most office stores have these services onsite. Area libraries also provide printing services.

Please Include a Cover Message
In some cases, people submit receipts, but they don’t include the name of the individual in the program and other important information. Along with the receipts you send, please provide a note that tells us:
Name of the Service Recipient
Total number of receipts you are submitting
Amount you are requesting for each receipt you submit

Receipts for Summer Programs
The Family Support Program can accept receipts for 2021 summer programs as long as the receipt shows the amount you paid for the program in Fiscal Year 2020-21.

Correlation to Family Support Service Plan
Each Family Support Recipient has a Service Plan that is based on the information you sent in your application that describes your needs. Make sure the receipts you send correlate to your Service Plan. For information about service plan categories, go to: Family Support Service Categories – United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee (

Applications for FY 2021-22
Before Jo Ver Mulm left, she sent applications to everyone currently in the program that included a list of everything you are required to send in. If you have lost this mailing, please don’t ask us to send it again as we have limited funds for postage. You can download the application and instructions online at: Family Support – United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee (

Employment Applications Being Accepted for Coordinator Position
UCP is currently seeking a new coordinator for the Family Support Program. If you know someone who might be interested, the Process for applying is online at Family Support Coordinator – United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee (

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