Special Needs Funds

Burch Family Fund

The Burch Family Special Needs Fund at United Cerebral Palsy was established in the year 2000 by the Burch Family Foundation for the purpose of supplying assistance to individuals with disabilities in Franklin, Tennessee who are of birth multiples, i.e., twins triplets, etc.

In the letter establishing the fund at United Cerebral Palsy, Mr. Lucius E. Burch III stated:

“It has recently come to my attention that cerebral palsy often affects children of multiple birth. The funds from the Burch Family Foundation are to be used to establish a fund to provide direct aid for medical, therapeutic, technological, or other specialized needs for children of multiple birth with disabilities located in the city of Franklin, Tennessee.”

Bellows Fund

UCP also has opportunities to serve individuals through the UCPA Bellows Fund. A small portion of interest earned from this fund is distributed to qualifying applicants throughout the United States through a direct allocation process. Bellows Fund distributions at UCP of Middle Tennessee are made through the UCP Equipment Exchange Program.

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