Payment Instructions: Council on Developmental Disabilities Projects

This process is for reimbursement of costs associated with Partners in Policymaking and the Scholarship Fund.

Step 1: Gather your documentation. You will need:

  • Letter or email from Council on Developmental Disabilities explaining the program under which this request is authorized. 
  • Receipts or other backup documentation of your expenses

Step 2: Sort documents by type, scan or photograph them (either individually or grouped by type), then tally the allowable reimbursement amount for each type. Example:

Image or Document 1Food Receipts$30.26
Image or Document 2Travel Receipts$15.30
Image or Document 3Conference Registration$80.00
Total $125.56

You are now ready to submit your payment request!

Ways to Submit Your Payment Request:

Online (easiest, fastest): Go to: and follow the online instructions.

Email: Download and complete the reimbursement form at the following link: Payment/Reimbursement Form

Attach your scanned materials to an email with the subject line: CDD Payment Request. Send your email with attachments to the following address: Do not include scanned or photographed backup documentation in the body of the email as these are often difficult to resize for audit purposes. Scanned or photographed materials must be in the form of attachments.

Postal Mail: Download and complete the form at the following link: Payment/Reimbursement Form

Mail completed form and backup documentation to:

Deana Claiborne

United Cerebral Palsy of Middle TN

1200 9th Avenue North, Suite 110

Nashville TN 37208

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